Monday, May 12, 2014

Farmer's Market

We are quite fortunate that a few blocks from our home there is a Farmer's Market that happens every Sunday starting in late April and runs through the end of October.

Right now it's referred to as a Country Market.  It's mostly garden starters and early crops like asparagus. You will also find food vendors like Short & Sweet with fresh dipped candy apples and other homemade treats, in addition to homemade items like soaps that look like slices of cake.

Our Farmer's Market rocks!!  Quite literally some times.  They have events for kids and music.  It's more than just a place to go and get food.  It's a place to come together as a community.  Moving to a town with deep agricultural roots I can see the importance that this market has.  It's doesn't have that "swap meet" like atmosphere that some Farmer's Markets have.  They are pretty strict as to what types of items they will allow vendors to sell.

It's growing, which is nice.  I can't wait until the crops start coming in.  I'm always excited about that time of year.

Though, I'm sure that my kids would say that the best part of the market is the fresh donuts.  They do smell amazing!

Does your town have a Farmer's Market?  Or do you have to travel to enjoy one?  Do you feel like it's encouraging you on your quest for a more sustainable lifestyle?  Are you encouraged by the crops you see for sale, like you too could grow that...whatever that may be?

I'm sure my kids would be trilled if I could harvest fresh donuts off a tree, but I'm more encouraged by the grassroots, down-home and local growers who come to the market to sell.  I look for the vendor who bikes all her produce in and uses a chalk board to advertise her selections and pricing.  I want to support her and other people like her, because they are then supporting me in my quest for good, healthy food to help me maintain my sustainable lifestyle.  I can't grow it all, and when I can't I seek out those who can and do.
It's a lovely thing.  

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