Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cantigny Park {Museum Adventure Pass}

We took advantage of the Museum Adventure Pass and some really great weather to visit Cantigny Park recently.  Being the Mama of boys, I am always looking for fun and engaging activities that really allow my boys to be boys.  Cantigny allows that to happen!  And, by checking out the Museum Adventure Pass from my local library I was able to gain admittance into the park for free.  This is an awesome resource that all homeschooling families should take advantage of if it's available to them.

Climbing tanks is an obvious thing to do while there.

We only had to contend with a few school groups while there.  I noticed that they were all going into the First Division Museum and decided that on this visit we would not be partaking in that experience.  One of these days I'll be able to get up there by myself to enjoy the museum at my own leisure.  It is an absolutely amazing experience.  My favorite part is D-Day.  So, so cool!

The grounds at the park are beautiful as well.

Being only a fast one hour drive for us, we will be going back here again and again.  It's a bonus if we are able to check out the Museum Adventure Pass.

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