Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Farm

I got to return to one of my favorite places yesterday, The Farm.

All the weight that I carry lifts when I am here.  It doesn't exist, whatever it is.  The pressing matter, the task that needs to get done, the mental fog - it doesn't exist while I am here.

There are few places where I can go and feel this way.  The Farm is one, though, and I am so thankful for this place.  For my friends who live here and invite us out to enjoy what they have and experience new things.  It's such a blessing.

And, it almost wasn't.

I was "dating" a few different homeschool co-ops about 3 years back.  I wanted to find that perfect one.  I found this one that met in a library during the week.  My boys and I drove up there to check it out...there are not a lot of occasions where when I enter a place my first reaction is to grab my children and hug them close.  When I walked into this particular co-ops meeting, that is exactly what I did.  Needless to say, we did not go back.  BUT, I was on their e-mail list and one fall day I got an invitation for a farm tour.  One of the families (who was not at the co-op meeting when we went), invited the entire homeschool co-op out to see their farm.  It was wonderful!  The boys had so much fun, I connected with both of the parents and thanked them continually throughout the day for hosting us and allowing us all to come out.
We were invited back for a fun Friday and we have been going there regularly since.
Though we did not end up with that particular;ar co-op, we did meet some wonderful people through it.

This past Friday we went out for a Wildflower Walk.  Because Cody is on Spring Break this week, he got to join us.  Chris was just excited to run with the other kids. Cody, I think, experiences the same peace there as I do.  Though I think that the mom's got more out of the Wildflower Walk than the kids, it was nice to be out there.  It always is.

I'm going to give my two-cents and jump up on my soap box here about co-ops - "date" them.  Go, see the locations, meet the other members and their children.  What do they do when they meet?  Is it just a social group, are there classes, is it secular or religious based (we belong to both, though we are secular homeschoolers).  In this case, I didn't feel "full" or complete with this particular co-op.  I was able to get the best part of it, in my opinion, like minded homeschoolers who were willing to open up their home to me and my boys.  I made friends and I find continual peace and calm when I'm with them.  I also learn so much every time we go out there.

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