Thursday, February 20, 2014

Patience - I don't have it


You know, I really don't know where the notion that as a homeschooling parent that by the very definition, that you have more patience than the average person.

Because, I don't.

I'm also a competitive ass (ask my kids how much fun it is to play Connect Four with me)...but I digress.

I also really don't know why that is the first thing folks think of when I mention that we homeschool, patience that is, not my competitive assedness.

"Oh, I couldn't do that.  I don't have the patience."

Well, here's a little secret...or maybe it's not a secret at all...neither do I.

Cody would come home from school and just be a pessimistic jerk.  I mean, really.
"School is boring."
"Everything sucks."
Wet blanket, negative Nancy and all of that.  What person in their right mind would have the patience to put up with all of that on a daily basis?  Seriously?  It's tiring and grating.
Once we decided to pull Cody and homeschool him it took months, MONTHS, for him to acclimate to the new routine.  To not having to be someone other than who he truly was.  I got to know the real Cody, my son.  Not the people pleasing, putting on a show to impress other people FAKE person that he had turned into. It's hard to keep up a lie.  It's hard to put up with a kid who is trying to keep up a lie.  And, that was my biggest concern with him going back into public school for high school.  Would my child resort back to that people pleasing, putting on a show, fake person?  And for the most part, no, he hasn't.  He's had to navigate a new school with new people in a new town and get used to all of that.  For the most part though, I have Cody, the real one.  That's who comes home every day after school.


You see, through clinched teeth last night, at 8pm, well past when we should have been done with school work for the day, there I was with Chris doing Social Studies in the front room, saying "no" one too many times.  Thoughts like
"That's it!  I'm not doing this anymore."
floated in and out of my mind as we went over our lesson.  Because I was done - just done with the day.

I don't have a surplus just because I've chosen to homeschool my children.  What I do have, that not a lot of parents have the luxury of experiencing, is the real person that my child is.
That's pretty awesome.

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