Thursday, February 13, 2014


I started this out, long hand, and it just got too big.  Too much and too detailed, at least for now.  So....a list!
  • Thank you to my now husband, who was my then boyfriend, who suggested that "homeschooling would be cool", and me thinking 'totally, for you, not for me', as I watched him patiently go over the days of the week with my 2 year old.  The seed was planted.
  • Thank you to Will, for speaking up and proving that homeschooled kids were not socially inept and weird.  Thank you for continuing to be an amazing example.
  • Thank you to Dawn, for homeschooling Will and for letting me voice all my concerns and questions my first year of homeshooling.  Basically, I held her hostage in a storage shed and interrogated her.  She is my mentor and I look to her for sound advice and suggestions.
  • Thank you to Tracey, for blogging about her homeschooling journey at Just Another Homeschool Blog and Just Another Mommy Blog.  Thank you answering my very rambling email about homeschooling and for inviting me to check out the co-op you belonged to.  Thank you for being an amazing friend.    
  • Thank you to Cody, for humoring me in my proposal that homeschooling may work and jumping in with both feet after Christmas break of 6th grade to give it a whirl. 
  • Thank you to Chris, for being envious of all the cool stuff that me and your older brother were doing at home and wanting to stay home as well, starting in 2nd grade.    
  • Thank you to Will, (mine, not Dawn's), for the future and what that may bring.  

Thank you to all of you who kept telling me that as my son's mother that I already am their teacher, that I can do this, that there is help out there and that everything is going to be okay.
So, if you are considering homeschooling I want you to know that you already are your child's teacher, that you can do this, that there is help out there and that everything is going to be okay.

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  1. I loved this. Thank you for being an awesome friend and co-teacher to my own kids at the co-op. And thank you for being so organized and willing to take on some details that I don't really relish.


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