Wednesday, September 25, 2013

...and, we are back!

So, it's been like 11 months since I've posted last.  Yep, that's a pretty long time.  To kind of catch up, here is what we've been up to:
-sold our house
-had a baby
-moved again
-Cody is attending high school (like a really brick and mortar one)
-been busy canning...lots and lots of canning (side note, starting to hate tomatoes)
-loving where we live now

Okay, I think we are caught up!

We started our homeschooling year off on Tuesday, September 3rd.  Our official school year runs Labor Day to Memorial Day, or at least I keep telling myself that.  I'm sure that one of these years we will actually end school on Memorial Day instead of weeks's a goal.  Unfortunately, since I am still unpacking some things, I was not able to celebrate the start of our school year with our schultute cones.  (Maybe when we come back from Christmas break.)
I'm trying to see the sweet spot here because I have such a strained relationship with Chris, my 9 year old.  That's a whole different blog post altogether.  And it's all me, I know that.  I mean he's know?  So, my focus this year is Chris and all Chris, or as much of Chris as Will will allow me.  Which, up to this point, is a lot.  I can tell you right now that writing will be the thing that may break me with Chris.  But, we are working on it....slowly and without a lot of yelling on my part.

So, here is what we've been up to so far this month:
We rode our bikes to the library a few served three purposes, 1) exercise, 2) helped this guy fall asleep & 3)we got books
We met new homeschooling friends.  We joined a new to us co-op near our new home.  It's a very large co-op, which is nice.  Chris has about 40 kids around his age to interact with. 
This one started High School
I had to create a little sanity in our morning routine
We worked on file folder projects
Chris joined the swim team again this year
We biked the Morton Arboretum

We met up with some homeschooling friends to go apple picking
We homeschooled on the go
We hiked Plum Creek
And explored and talked
Chris learned new things
and played with his new friends at a homeschool activity day
We started the new Scouting year with a new Pack and Den...meeting new people and making new friends.
And returned to old friends, who are like family.  Who encourage me all the time in my homeschooling journey and keep me grounded and sane.
I am reminded continually that learning happens no matter where or what is going on.  It happens in the structured day that I create, it happens in the spontaneity of a hike or apple picking.  I don't have buckets of patience, I don't have a magic wand...some days I don't even have it all together.  This homeschooling journey has been filled with bumps and restarts and throwing ideas that I thought were golden to the side.  From having to return to work an overnight shift two months into our homeschooling adventure 3 years ago, to state wide field trips that lasted weeks, to moving, to having a baby, to being able to stay home and not work at all, to...this - it's pretty cool and it's always changing and we are always learning, always.  I just have to remember that we are not alone in this journey, nor do we have to be.    

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