Thursday, September 13, 2012

We're Back!

I know, I was suppose to update at the end of August....I was busy.  Here is what we were up to last week, our official start of the school year (we run Labor Day to Memorial Day here).
The boys celebrated their birthdays.  Cody turned 13 on September 1st, Christian turned 8 on August 25th.  We had a party for them on Saturday, September 1st.

We celebrated the first official day of school on Wednesday, September 5th with a special breakfast and schultute cones for both boys.  They had fun little things that they can use for school work.

We started a new different reading strategy.  Both boys read for 15 minutes to me out loud and then for 30 minutes to themselves.  I've noticed that it slows them down and they are comprehending more.  This has been a big struggle for us since both boys came from a public school system that valued AR reading for prizes - which means the more books you read, regardless of comprehension, they get prizes.

Chris doing his math program on-line

This one is spoiled - she is use to us being home with her

Cody doing science

Chris reading

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