Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Educational Anarchy is On Vacation

Our school year officially starts after Labor Day.  I'll be back at the end of August to update our plans for the coming school year.  Have a great summer!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer School

Cody is going to the high school that Dave works at for Algebra this summer.  Our plan is keep him on track to enter his Freshman year of high school taking trigonometry.  So, a couple of things have come to light with this experience:
- 6:30am wake ups do not make for a happy Cody
- He is doing really well with his class work, quizzes and homework
- He sucks at taking test (we kind of knew this)
- The vast majority of the other kids in the class are "retreads" (my term), they are taking it over because they failed it the first time. 
- Because of the above, they think that my child is a genius because he is in 7th grade and taking Algebra @@
- His nick name in class is "Jimmy Neutron"
- He has been beating him self up because he has been doing badly on the tests (reminds me a lot of the pressure he puts on himself to hit the ball in baseball)
- By the second day of class he had easily fallen back into trying to get kids to like me mode (the social pressures of being liked, ahh)
- He has fallen into the school routine nicely.  Even commenting that he likes it
- He may have test taking anxiety which could possibly need an evaluation by the time he enters high school, but for now we will work him through it

Math is my weakness.  This is no surprise and is why we pay for an online math program.  Why make Cody take math over the summer?  Because 1) we can, 2) we want to make sure he is tracking correctly and 3) why not?  I'm not all against brick and mortar schools,  I think that when they are supportive of homeschooling families within their district it can be a wonderful thing.  Unfortunately, we have not had that experience where we live.  But, we do have the resources to find it elsewhere.  Our goal is to prepare our boys - summer school for Cody is one way we are doing that.  Plus, how is it that my kid can learn, apply and demonstrate all the concepts of one semester of Algebra in 3 weeks yet it takes months to teach it normally??  Something to ponder there on the use of time...