Friday, May 4, 2012


Today is our last, final and officially last day of school!  I know, you're excited.  The boys, bummed.  Why?  Because I told them that they still needed to do math and reading each day, including while we are on vacation.  Oh the misery!  I'm such a mean, mean mom.  Whatever, deal with it. 
We leave in one week for Texas and we will be gone for a total of 16 days.  Heck Yeah!  I'm so excited.  So, before I go on and on about that, lets cover what happened this week. 
Math - we did it

Social Studies - yep, that too

Hung out with this one and was a bad influence - this girl can make farting noises with the best of them.  And by the best of them, I mean my boys.

We were here *giggle* (though a side note - it's not a poetry performance)

We had baseball games to go to...

for both boys, at the same time, at different parks.

We worked on comics

We read comics we made

I've been working on getting journal pages together for our trip

Add caption
So....tonight Cody leaves for Camporee with his Boy Scout Troop.  Chris, Dave and I will be going to see Much Ado about Nothing at the high school.  Tomorrow starts the down hill descent into chaos prior to Listen to Your Mother.  I'm ready though!
This Texas trip - here is the plan.  I'll be documenting what we do and where we go along the way.  I'll continue with the weekly updates (more detailed, of course!) and will also continue updating over the summer as well.  Though "officially" we ended school, the boys will still be learning...shhh, they just don't know that ;)


  1. Tell your boys they are not alone, we'll be schooling through the summer as well =)

  2. 16 days in Texas! Have a blast. See you tomorrow.


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