Thursday, April 19, 2012

Listen To Your Mother Plug

So, you can read about me here at the Listen to Your Mother site.  The SOLD OUT in a little over a week show will be on Sunday, May 6th at the Biograph Theater in Chicago.  This is the first time Listen to Your Mother will be performed in Chicago and is one of 10 shows nation wide happening this year around Mother's Day. 
I know, you're sad that you couldn't get tickets.  Even though I warned you that they were going to sell out quickly.  You should have acted all Chicken Little like and heeded my warnings - I told you!
Anyway, you can totally still check out the show because they will be recording it and it should be up on the LTYM YouTube channel by the end of May. 
For now, go here and check out the past performances - they are pretty awesome. 
Okay, end shameless plug.

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  1. Yes, and also Tracey and I are giving away two sets of tickets...details on the LTYMChicago site tomorrow!


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