Friday, March 9, 2012

This Week 3/5/12 - I Don't Have a Clever Title, Sorry. Oh Wait - GUNS ARE COOL!

Here it is, close to 10pm on Friday evening and I'm exhausted!  We spent about 4 hours outside today shooting guns and all that fresh air tuckered me out.  That's kind of sad now that I think about it.  Something as simple as fresh air being tiring. 
This week we started off with a day off on Monday in observation of Pulaski Day.  What is Pulaski Day, you may be asking.  WELL  what I was always told was that Pulaski Road (Pulaski by where I lived, Crawford further south) was renamed such in order to drum up the Polish vote for something or another in Chicago.  I'm not sure if there is any correlation with that and the holiday, but Chicago has a large Polish population and crafty politicians so I wouldn't doubt it.    You can read more about Pulaski Day here and Pulaski Road here and here
Tuesday, well that was an interesting day.  It included a trip to our co-op, flying tomatoes and Chris explaining how his brain works.  I know, you are just dying to know all the details!  So, I make pretty healthy lunches for the boys.  On Tuesday I decided that grape tomatoes would be the vegetable of choice.  Packed them in their lunch boxes and off we trekked to Plainfield.  As we are getting ready to pack up and leave the co-op a little girl comes out of the room where the younger kids have lunch and says "It's raining tomatoes."  Now, I totally didn't put together the fact that I packed tomatoes in Chris's lunch and this little one came out of the room he was eating lunch in.  Nope!  Total oblivion there. It wasn't until about a good 15 minutes later when we were driving away that the light bulb went on and I went into interrogation mode.  He owed up to throwing the tomatoes, but didn't know why.  One of the worst things my boys can respond to a question with is "I don't know".  Oh my goodness, nails on a chalk board and I cringe.  So after re-asking the question in about three different ways and not getting an answer (and grounding him for a week at this point for throwing the tomatoes, lying, lying again and oh, who knows by that point - just to be mean) I told him that he has until we got home to tell me what happened.  The story that came forth, once we both had time to calm down, was that someone told him to smooch the tomato because it would look like blood, instead he threw them.  I know, makes total sense, right. *smacking hand to forehead*  So, I got the story - punishment stood.  One week grounded and he has to eat lunch with me next Tuesday at the co-op.  Later, because later stuff always comes out, while talking to Dave he says how he was scared I'd get mad it he told me what happened and that he really couldn't remember when happened when I was asking him in the van.  And in Chris-speak he explained that his brain is just full.  Even though Dave told him that we only use like 10% of our brains, Chris guffawed and explained that he uses like 90% and went on to dissect his brain into parts - The Pokemon Part, Simpson's Part and Math & Schoolwork Park.  It's just full!
I'll give you a minute to snicker at that.
He really believes that though! *eye roll*
Leniency was given though.  He was to exhibit good behavior and that he learned the consequences of his actions.  He is now watching Pokemon on TV - which is likely taking up more brain space as we speak.
Wednesday and Thursday were regular school days.  Chris started doing science experiments.  It's been really fun.
Friday we went out to The Farm and shot guns.  Ohmygoodness socool!!
Here are the pictures in review:
Osmosis experiment - gummy bears in water left overnight.  What will happen?

They bloat!

Tinley Park getting ready for the Irish Parade this Sunday

Next experiment - baking soda in water with a cotton string.  What will happen?


Chris shooting a BB Gun

Cody shooting a semi automatic air gun

Cody working on him Improv for Open Mic Night at the Teen Center

Chris math
We will be traveling to Texas in May and will be gone for 16 days.  We are pretty excited about it because we get to stop at neat places on our way down and back up as well as visit some awesome stuff in Texas.  We have no itinerary yet.  I'm thinking that if we find one place per week leading up to our trip we should be set. 
Well, that's all I have for this week.  Off to bed for me, I have to get up with the sun tomorrow for work.  Have a good one.

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