Friday, March 2, 2012

This Week 2/27/12 - Yipee!

The beginning of the week was filled with some excitement.  I went into the city to audition for Listen To Your Mother on Sunday
This I can handle, the whole driving into the city thing...

This though, this is what freaked the shit out of me - parking in the city.  Particularly in an area that I am not familiar with.

This is where I got to audition!  The audition didn't freak me out - parking did.
The cast list was published today and I MADE IT!  I fricking made the cut.  I'm not going to publish what I auditioned with on here yet...I'm still contemplating it.  But you can always come out to the performance on Sunday, May 6th and hear it!  Either way, click here to find out more about this awesome national series that celebrates motherhood with live readings, just in time for Mother's Day! 
Sunday was also the day I started the "guess how many expressways I've been on this week" counter.  (It's 9 by the way).
Our Monday was not a typical Monday for us.  Dave stayed home because he wasn't feeling well.  Our day started later than normal (not a bad thing at all) and Chris got to hang out with dad all day while I ran Cody to an orthodontist appointment and I went off to work.
Of course I'm on an expressway!

Cody doing reading while we are on the road

How do you dress when you're going to the grocery store?
Tuesday we went to our co-op where the boys did gym play and got to hang out with some friends.
Oh, don't be surprised by this photo...

or this one, they are simply to illustrate the point that this is not a home based school

This is where we meet

Cody doing math while snuggling with the cat
Wednesday was GORE-JOE-OUS!  So, we decided the best way to spend the afternoon as at the park.  We also ran to the library to get some more books, Chris had karate practice while Cody was at the teen center and we ended our day with a Cub Scout Den Meeting. 
It was 60 and sunny...come on, how can you NOT go out.

They were loving this whole "homeschool" thing today

"MOM - Take a picture!"

It was kind of windy that day...

Chris hitting the bag

The Den Leaders MIL was sharing her experiences growing up in Lithuania during WWII and taught the boys how to say some words in Lithuanian. 
Thursday we took a field trip to Dave's work for the boys to work on their Pinewood Derby cars.
Drawing the design on the wood block

Getting ready to cut the wood

I can't share the final design photos as they don't want them leaked.

Friday we made our way out to the farm for a fun day.  The boys got to build a "fling a ma-jig" and learned out planting seeds.
Cody reading

Oh look, an on ramp

Chris reading

Oh look, I'm merging onto ANOTHER expressway...

and another

Learning about starting seeds and planting a garden

Chris's fling a ma-jig

Cody's fling a ma-jig

Working on their flig a ma-jigs
So, as you can see we had a busy week.  I'm ready for a nap!
Cody has to head out to Indiana tomorrow for a University of Scouting course on being a Den Chief. We are heading into a 3-day weekend, which is nice.  We have Monday off in observation of Pulaski Day (it's a Chicago thing).  Well, that's all I have for this week.  Have a great one!

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