Friday, February 3, 2012

This Week (or should I say "weeks") 1/30/12 - Sometimes I Just Get Really, Really Lazy

...and that is what it's been like for the past week.  I blame busyness for not posting last week.  That's a deadly duo in the blogging world.  The only thing that motivated me to post tonight was that I moved the photos off of my phone and onto my computer, thus signaling the need to organize them.  And since I was organizing them I might as well post them, ya know?  I'm starting to sound a little like "If You Give a Moose a Muffin".  Anywho - this is what we have been up to over the past two weeks:
Cody working on his 5 paragraph essay

Chris doing math

Cody doing biology

Chris reading

Chris doing math

Chris doing histroy

Cody takes a snack break with Molly

Chris had a Den Meeting

We went to Indiana for a basketball tournament

Crestwood Cavalry

Game 1

Cody gets a rebound

Chris at half time trying to make a basket while throwing the ball backwards

Trying to do school work...getting irritated because there are three rows of cheerleaders behind him cheering

so, we moved up higher to get away from the cheerleaders

Crestwood advances to round 2

Cody working on school we have to wait 6 hours until the next game (twiddling thumbs and humming)

Game 2 in the "Hoosier" gym.  I swear, all they need are Chuck Taylor's and it's all from the movie.

The team before Game 3 (on Friday AM)

...which they lost and we got to go home.  This made me very happy - yes, I know how bad that sounds.  You sit on a wooden bleacher for 10 hours and then we'll talk, m-kay?

Chris had Monday off because he was a sickacus.

Feeling better on Tuesday he worked on his reading comprehension.

Basketball game in South Holland on Tuesday

Cat looking unamused with a Pokemon thing

Groundhogs Day! Chris doesn't think the rat from the hole is right.  He's predicting spring, not 6 more weeks of winter. 

Chris started karate on Wednesday


Doing math with his backup

Practicing guitar
So, that's what we've been up to.  Cody is also taking intermediate guitar lessons at the teen center near our house.  He's pretty excited about that as he's learned the blues scale now.  Oh, and I want to share this from the basketball tournament too...
I got geeky excited when I heard them playing that (tee-hee).
Have a great weekend!

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