Friday, February 24, 2012

This Week 2/20/12 - I'm NOT In My Van RIGHT THIS MOMENT

No, that would just be silly and dangerous.  Trying to post while driving?  No, I've never done that.  I've thought about doing it, but have never tried.
Cody's basketball season ended tonight.  They played their last game in Gurnee at a homeschool tournament.  Just in case any of you have a middle school aged boy interested in basketball, and you live in the Chicago-land area, here is the link to the organization Cody plays with, which is the Crestwood Cavalry .
Anywho, no more traveling for sports until next fall.  Phew!  Thankful for that.  Next up for us BASEBALL!  Now, there is a sport I know...or at least a little better than basketball.  All I knew how to do was yell "DEFENSE!!!!!" this season, I got pretty good at it.  Oh and "Stay Aggressive!", can't forget that one.
Now karate, there is something I can help with.  I'm the table mom.  I don't know how I got this duty, I think people think I am in charge or something.  So I sit at the front table and collect the class dues and attendance for Chris's class.  Not a bad gig.
So, this week started off with a few celebrations!  I attended a wonderful bridal shower for Dave's cousin AND  Dave came home from his trip to New York.  We missed him SO much!  We took off on Monday to observe  (Dave had off) for Presidents Day.  Tuesday started our week off with a trip to the land of Plainfield for our co-op.  Wednesday we chilled at home (or as far as I can remember we did) and started preparing for St. Baldricks (which will take place this Saturday), Thursday Cody had his last basketball practice and Friday we traveled to Gurnee for Cody's final basketball game of the season.  Here is our week in review (with actual school work being done documented):
Pretty table setting at the Bridal Shower

On I80 heading to co-op

Chris doing math

Tuesday night - Burbank

Chris working on the Preamble of the Constitution copy work

Cody working on his 5 paragraph essay on Guantanamo Bay

"You're gonna really like my journal for today Mommy!"

Doesn't get better than ice cream

Cody doing Guitar Smith

This one visited us on Wednesday

Escape move in karate

Chris, reading, wearing hat because his heads cold (he's sporting a mohawk)

Cody for the lay-up at practice

Bleaching hair for green dye job

My guys ready for St. Baldricks!  Dave has a green mohawk with green mustach and beard, Chris has a green mohawk and Cody is sporting a pink mohawk.

Watching it snow while eating breakfast

"I'm thinking that I want green hair always" - ummm...think again kid

Doing math

Doing math, being a nut

Drawing on the computer

Heading to Gurnee

Before the start of their game

Cody blocking

Team picture after their final game.
 So, that's been our week.  We were hoping to hit a Jelly Belly factory tour after the basketball game since we were so close to Kenosha, WI., but that didn't happen.  We'll have to plan a field trip up there soon though.  Tomorrow Chris, Cody and Dave will get their heads shaved for St. Baldricks.  That's all I got this week.  Have a great one!


  1. I love their mohawks! Gotta get the boys together more often.

    1. Heck yes! Do either of your boys want colored mohawks...I'm the mom that can make that happen!


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