Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Hit The Mother-Load of Kids!

I know, intriguing title!  Sure, I'll explain.  You see about a year ago I went out to the distant land of Plainfield to check out this homeschool group.  Nice people (HI!) and lots of kids.  Downside though, it's in Plainfield....that is like a 45 minute drive for me AND there are two homeschool groups within close proximity to our home.  One is about 10 minutes south, the other 5 minutes north.  I know!  That close.  BUT - one wanted me to sing a statement of faith and the other never, ever returned my requests for more information AND required a fee to just come a sit in on their gym days (or at least that is was I assume, as no one got back to me on that).  So, I sat and contimplated the down fall of my kids socialization and weeped a little (actually, I didn't do that.  I got really frustrated, so maybe I weeped on the inside).  I did find a group that was meeting at local parks whose epicenter is LaGrange.  We checked them was, interesting.  We did meet some really cool people though (our Friday Farm Folks), so it wasn't a total loss.  But still, I desired my boys to socialize with other homeschool kids their age.  *sigh*
So when Chris decided on his second day of karate class that the best possible way to interact with the other kids there was to act like a dog I was a bit concerned.  (Actually, I FREAKED!)  He does things like this when he's uncomfortable and with kids he doesn't know.  We live in an awesome neighborhood, with lots of kids.  The kids Chris's age live on the other end of the block though and he can't walk down there to hang out with them by himself.  That requires coordinating and scheduling to play.  Something, after a day with both boys, I really don't want to do.  Yep, that's selfish.  Yep, I just admitted that I need time to myself.  Yep, I'm driving out to Plainfield now so my boys can hang out with other kids their age.  You know why?  Because I can do that, I can rearrange our schedule and make the commitment to THAT every Tuesday (I need a consistent schedule).  Oh, and because of this:
Room full of kids for Chris

Table full of kids for Cody
THE MOTHER-LOAD OF KIDS! who don't hide under tables or throw temper tantrums or who make me want to hold my boys a little tighter when they are around and make me give the "Back Off!" glare. 
I got asked, again (insert eye roll), why we homeschool.  I know why I homeschool - in addition to the time I get to spend with my boys, my REAL boys, not some peer pressured, forced to fit in and be cool/liked boys, I get the opportunity to give them choices.  See, I choose to homeschool because my boys will encounter limits.  I want to give them the tools necessary to survive.  To be able to think for themselves, question for themselves and choose for themselves.  They need to be able to look at themselves, see where they are a part of something and rise.  I wish for them to be strong and independent beings. 
So, on to this week in review.  Yet another week with less photos than normal =)
Chris working on his "getting to know you" sheet at the Valentine's Day Party

Chris making armpit fudge

Cody making armpit fudge

Where we meet now on Tuesday's

LOVE!  Thank you Uncle John.

Cody up for the layup ...

... and he makes it

Why yes, Chris is wearing twine wrapped around his head with a metal nut hanging from it. 

Friday night homeschool teen movie night.

We hung out at the B&N across the parking lot from the movie theater.  Chris ate a cookie and read comics.  I updated my homeschool planner for the rest of the school year.

Watching for Cody to come out of the theater

Taught my boys the importance of putting vitamin recovery cream in your hair after you bleach it and then dye it a very unnatural color.  Wish I know that when I was 16!

Oh wow!  I just realized there are no photos of the boys actually doing school work.  They did do school work, I swear! 
Dave is out of town for a conference in New York City.  He sent us photos from Ground Zero, which he visited yesterday.  We started reading 1984 together (Cody, Dave and I), and we will be discussing that as we go along.  Oh, and Cody is really getting into the Flobots.  Can't wait for all the neat discussing that will come from all of this.
Chris is convinced he's a Pokemon gym leader...we are getting there with him.  At least he's a leader. ;)
Have a great weekend!

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