Friday, January 13, 2012

This Week 1/9/12 - SNOW!

Yep, we finally got snow.  This guy is pretty happy about it!

We started school back up on Monday.  I changed some things around (like one is reading while the other is doing math so my computer isn't tied up for what seems like FOR-EV-ERR!).  I've also front loaded most of the boys assignments for Monday - Wednesday, with Thursday tapering off (because of basketball and visiting with family) and Friday being pretty much a free day.  Today was our first Friday free day and though I had plans to take the boys out for a Fun Day at The Farm, it didn't quite work out as expected.  I injured myself sleeping last night.  Oh yeah, you read that correctly.  Nope, I didn't throw out my shoulder shoveling 6 inches of snow off the driveway, not me.  I essentially paralyzed myself SLEEPING!  Not really all that shocking, I've hurt myself sitting.    
Enough about me - lets talk testing.  Oooohhh, the often dreaded word in some homeschooling circles.  Not so much here.  For me, it's what to do with the results that I get.  Cody took a 9th grade test just to see how he's progressing.  I'm quite happy with the results given he's in 7th grade.  Could he do better - obviously!  Will I start teaching to the testing process - nope.  I'll take the information that was gathered and assess how we can implement improvement skills.  What I did learn from the test results, that I did not know before, is that he wants to go into an engineering and technologies field.  I knew that he was interested in blowing up buildings, but that was about it.  Pretty neat to now know that information. 
So - on to this week in review:
Starting the week off right with some reading.

Cody doing math.

Chris doing math.

Cody had a basketball game in Downers Grove.

Chris, not a big fan of the buzzer.

Cody, up for the rebound on the opponents shot, which he got.

Cody helping Chris with math.

Cody, reading comprehension.

Chris doing science.

Cody doing math.

Chris was a VERY happy little guy on Thursday!

Being distracted by snow.

Doing science.

This one!


 5 paragraph essay research

Reading in jamma's

Cody doing math

And essential homeschooling tool

Chris "shoveling"
That's pretty much what we've been up to.  It was pretty cold when we (I mean THEY) went sledding.  I was totally ill-prepared for the bitter wind.  I hear it's gonna be back into the 40's by Monday.  That totally doesn't motivate me to go outside and shovel right now.  Which, I don't even know if I can given my sleeping injury. 
I've been thinking more and more about service.  We love going to MJH to do service and help, I just can't make that a weekly commitment.  For me, service does not go before school.  It can be a learning experience, don't get me wrong, but in my mind essential school work needs to get done prior to doing that.  I struggle with this.  A lot!  I want my boys to have a servants heart, to NOT think just of themselves and have some affirmation that THEY DO HAVE IT GOOD.  Even though some times, they don't think that they do.    
Also, socialization.  This is an ongoing theme in our house.  Actually, cultivating friendships and what being a friend really means.  Traits and qualities to look for in know, the stuff you think about when your kid hangs out with THAT kid.  Fill in whatever you want to into that THAT.  Everyone's THAT is different.  Sometimes all I can do is shake my head. 
Oh, the things to ponder this weekend.  That is in addition to FINALLY getting around to making up those spelling and vocab lists for the boys (*eye roll*) and trying to figure out if jeans in a 29x34 actually exist because yes, Cody has grown AGAIN.  Off I go to finish up laundry and think about re-heating left over mexian food for dinner.  Have a great weekend!


  1. HOW could have grown again!?? Wow. Well, unless WE'RE That family, we'd love to see you guys soon. January is busier than I expected, but let's coordinate our open days!

    1. Ha! You are so not THAT family. I'll message you with some dates. January has become busier than I expected as well.

  2. Looks like another productive and pleasurable week in the Anarchy household. :)

    Good luck with the 29X34 jeans. My husband is (and has been since he was 19, it's ridiculous) a 29X32. It's a nightmare finding jeans for him. ;)


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