Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Week 1/16/12 - Oh Yeah, That Was LAST Week

I have a really, really good excuse as to why I'm late putting this post up.  It's this:
This is my office/craft room/general catch all.  It's actually pretty organized and not as bad as one would imagine with all those functions that it must carry.  You can read about it here.
Generally my laptop, books and organizers are here:
And when they are here, shit gets done.  When they are in the collect all room, I just pass by it on my way down the stairs and don't bother grabbing those things to bring down. 
We had a house showing on Saturday while I was at work.  So, naturally, I had to round up all my things and deposit them in my room until after the showing.  But you see, I never brought them back down.  So here it is a few days past the time when I should have done an update from our homeschooling adventures last week as well as the daily Journaling Challenges I'm suppose to be updating.  It's so sad that something like this puts me back a few days. 

So, here is what we were up to last week.  We took Monday off because Dave had off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I also celebrated my one year anniversary at work.  I seriously never thought that a year later I'd still be there.  I'm thankful to have a job though.  On to the pictures!
Chris doing Math.  He dresses himself, by the way.

Cody reading

Cody not loving his Biology book.  That's a head plant there, not love.

Working on reading comprehension. 

Journal writing

His new place to do work.  It's not going to last though.  He's not focused enough.

Guitar Smith

Chess (Chris beat Cody)

Cody had a culinary class at the teen center, he made dessert sushi

Chris reading at Cody's basketball practice

Basketball practice

Working on school work

More Biology

Game in Bourbonnaise

Dancing during breakfast

On the road on Friday. 

We got more of this stuff too.
I just wanted to share that right now Chris is upstairs on time out because he started crying because he can't decode what the Lions nickname is.  Homeschooling isn't all smiles in this house.  I wish it was.  There are times when both boys gets frustrated and irritated and I have to separate them from what they are doing so they can take a breather (and so I don't loose my patience). 
So, here we are on the front end of another week.  I'll catch back up with you on the tail end, I hope. 

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