Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Journaling Challenge: Day Twentyfive

Hey there!  It's 11pm on the 24th AND I'm actually posting on-time.  How awesome is that!?
We will be gone for a few days for a basketball tournament, so I'm not sure how or if I'll be able to access the internet.  If I can, I'll update.  If I can't, I'll see you all on Sunday...sometime.  Maybe Monday.  Oh, who knows at this point.
But, on with today's question:

The question for today is: 
What makes "you" you?
Journal on!  (To give you some perspective, my journal only allows 4 lines, small ones at that, to write on this).  Start small and see where you go.  

And here is my response to yesterdays question:

If you were going to start your own company, what would it be?
Hmmm - good questions.  What wouldn't I hate doing every day for the rest of my life? 

Okay then, I think that we are caught up now.  Happy Journaling!!

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