Friday, January 6, 2012

End of Break

Well, we are wrapping up the end of our Christmas break.  The boys have bee non a modified school schedule since the Monday prior to Christmas.  They continued their 1/2 hour of reading each day and math assignments as well.  Okay, most days, not every day.  It was way easier to accomplish this when I wasn't working or when we didn't have something else planned out for the day, or when we slept in past noon.  Dave went back to work this past Wednesday and I am trying REALLY, REALLY hard to not sleep past 10am.  Goodness is that hard!  Particularly when you stay up until 2am. 
So, here are some photos of what we have been up to over break:
I know I shared this before, but I HAVE to share it again.  We went to German Town (technically Lincoln Square).  I had so much fun!!  This was a staple during my childhood at Christmastime.
I planned out the second half of our year.  Yes, I write it out in a planner.  It's just how I roll. 

Cody had guitar lessons at the teen center.

Happy boy with some hot chocolate.

Because a regular TV screen just isn't good enough to play video games on, every year Dave sets up the projector.

We took full advantage of an Outback gift card that we got for Christmas from Dave's parents.  We are waiting for our table here, Dave is helping Chris make his picks for his football pool.  Oh, you thought that I was joking when I mentioned my 7 year old is in a confidence pool - NOPE!

Made sticky buns -twice

Got most of the decorations down prior to work one day.  Dave and the boys tool over from there.

Chris - doing math with our newest family member.

I was thoroughly amused by this at work.  I pondered the question "Would this mean that she's a frigid bitch?"

This guy has been with Chris since Christmas Day.

I have no clue what's going on here, but it looks intense.

I got this little lovely from my cousin and you can follow me as I make my way through it.  I'll be posting the days question and my answer from the previous days question in Educational Anarchy's Journaling Challenge.

Reading, I think...

Doing math

Chris has been pretty much living in the blue skull robe that my Aunt and Uncle got him for Christmas.  All he needs is a bubble pipe.

They worked on thank you cards, because they got SPOILED!

I had to break down the card writing process for Chris.  It takes him a little longer...

Cody went back to basketball practice

He had a game in Bourbonnais, IL, which if you don't know, is the home of Coyote Canyon Steak Buffet - a must!
The boys got set up on a computer in the toy room.  My Aunt and Uncle gave it to me, back in August (ahem), and we finally set it up for the boys to use.  All we need is a wireless card and the boys will be able to use it for math.  Which mean they will not have to use MY laptop.  Yeah!
Chris reading.  He's been big into layering lately.  One shirt is clearly NOT good enough for him.
Chris reading at Cody's basketball practice.

Chris, working on a story.

Cody doing math
So, that's what we have kind of been up to.  Our official start back to school is Monday.  I'm kind of ready...kind of.  I still need to make up spelling and vocab lists, but the planning is all done.  Which is great!  I feel okay about everything and am very excited about what is planned.  
Chris starts karate this month, which I am very excited about.  The kid is like the energizer bunny - he goes and goes and goes from when his feet hit the floor int he morning until his head hits the pillow at night.  
Cody's basketball season is still going.  He's also taking a bunch of classes at the teen center by our house.  Baseball season will be starting soon for both boys.  I feel okay talking about baseball season right now because it's sunny and 40.  It's spring-like here.  Which means that it will be winter-like once the practices start.  That only makes sense, right.  
Anyway, that's all I've got for now.  Be sure to check in each day for the next question in the Journaling Challenge.  Have a great weekend!


  1. YOU must be kind of like the Energizer Bunny to keep up with everything you've got going on! Glad you enjoyed your "break."

  2. "break" - ha! The use of quotes made coffee shoot out of my nose.


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