Friday, December 9, 2011

This Week 12/5/11: No, Really I'm On Time This Week

Yeah!  It's 7pm on Friday evening, do you know where your blogger is? =)
We had a fun-filled week this week.  We went into the city and visited the Museum of Science and Industry, went to Christkindlmarket to get our German on, celebrated St. Nicholas Day, did some ACTUAL school work and ended our week with a Friday Fun-day at the Farm.  I'm just kind of, a little (a lot) freaking out that it's December 9th - my Christmas cards have not been done, Christmas shopping has not started and I'm hyperventilating just a bit over how I'm going to get my baking done.  Decorations are up, and I've donated a bunch of stuff that we haven't used in a while.  So, I have a pound of butter sitting on my counter waiting to be made into butter cookies so I better get moving on this post.  Here we go!
Cody working on this unit study for Christmas Around the World at the Museum of Science and Industry.

The boys in front of the German tree

Chris working on his unit study

The boys in front of the Dutch tree

Live Science Experiment: Taste & Smell

They found out that they need smell to taste things

In front of the tornado

In front of the tornado

Chris having a blast!


This thing was by where we sat to eat lunch, it's some sort of swiss clock thing...(I don't know), Chris loved it.

Cody in front of the tree from Finland

He wants one of these in his room

Baby chick being born

Cody in front of his favorite place on each, the treat shop at the German Market


They are all city savvy and what-not

Christians's shoe for St. Nicholas Day.  It contains an orange, walnut, bag of chocolate coins and a chocolate St. Nicholas.

Cody's shoe for St. Nicholas Day.  It contains an orange, walnut, bag of chocolate coins and a chocolate St. Nicholas


Working on his journal

Working on serious!


Rolling pillows for My Joyful Heart.

The boys got an Advent Calendar from my cousin, Cody was pretty excited!

Chris reading at Cody's basketball practice.

Cody at basketball practice

Cody at basketball practice

Cody at basketball practice

And we are on the road, again

Homeschooling on the go

Homeschooling on the go

Cutting out cookies

Cutting out cookies

Learning how to use a cookie gun

Decorating his spritz cookies

Ummm...a little too much sugar

Decorating their cut out cookies

Cody's cookies, including a Christmas shark, Nigabread men, Darth Vader and a Cyclopes

Chris's cut-out cookies including a Brown Cow, Nigabread men, Yoda and a Storm Trooper

View from kitchen window, awesome!

So that has been our week.  Cody is on a camping trip with his Boy Scout Troop.  I wonder if he packed a blanket?  It's like 24 degrees outside....hmmmm.  He'll learn to pack one for next time if he didn't this time.  Chris and I will be visiting Dave downtown tomorrow complete with train ride and possibly a walk by The Bean, maybe...if it's isn't 24 degrees out still.  I'm off of work tomorrow (YEAH!), go back on Sunday and then starts our week-o Christmas parties.  So there will be LOTS of fun photos for next weeks post.
Okay, the dog is trying to claw her way in through the back door and I have a pound of butter begging to be turned into butter cookies.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a busy week--hope you got the cookies made and the cards mailed and had a chance to catch your breath this week. If it makes you feel any better (and I'm not sure how it really could), it's now the fourteenth and I haven't started my cards yet. I'm off Friday and will chain myself to the dining room table until they're all finished if necessary.

  2. Masked Mom - it's the 15th and the cards are still sitting on the edge of my counter. They may go out early next week, or maybe they will be an after Christmas surprise. Who knows at this point.
    The cookies got made, and that's only because they HAD TO. They were my grab bag gift for a holiday party. Couldn't just show up with the platter empty. Well, I could have had it been a white elephant.


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