Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This Week 11/28/11 - Or The Post That Didn't Happen (Last Week)

You see, what had happened was....I don't even know, but here it is Monday (and about three days past when I should have posted my week-end recap) and I can't recall a damn thing that we did last week.  This is why I need to do my recaps on Fridays people!  I have photos though, so lets go to those, maybe they will jog my memory.  Oh wait, I don't have all the photos.  See, that's what I get for not downloading the photos off of my phone at the end of the day.  Let's start with these:
Okay, maybe NOT.  Now it's Wednesday and I'm just getting around to trying to get this post finally done.  But oh wait, I still have dinner to finish up and I have to pick Cody up from the teen club.  So, though I have the best intentions to actually blog and finish a post, it may just have to wait until later tonight.  Geesh!
Okay - let's get this done!  Here is the week in review in photos (WARNING PHOTO HEAVY POST!):
Turkey soup.  It's still simmering over a week later.  That's gonna be one hell'a thick broth!
Technically from last Saturday but I wanted to included it.  Cody cutting down our Christmas tree this year.
The calendar that Chris is responsible to changing each day.

The weather wheel that Chris is responsible to changing each day as well.
Cody working on his 5 paragraph essay on Greek Gods

Chris working on Math.

Cody's work space.

Cody doing Math

Apparently the glasses make it easier??
Chris working on his Math work on Tuesday.

Cody's basketball uniform.  His first game was on November 29th.

This one, looking all pitiful because no one is paying attention to her. 

Still working on that 5 paragraph essay on Greek Gods

Chris doing his chores.

Game Face!  He's ready to play basketball people!

First game - final score 28-23 Crestwood Cavalry WINS!
Chris working on Art

Cody playing Guitar Smith for Music.

Math - again.

Chris doing spelling.  Using window markers to write his works on the window. 

How nice!

Making a poppy flower with dog tag ornament at scouts for their village tree decoration.
This cracked me up.  I was dong work on my computer while Chris and Cody were at Chris's Den Meeting.  It's at a school.  This is in their media center.  "Displays are for eyes only".  Even I'd be screwed with that rule. 

Our Christmas Tree.  Yes, it's on crates.  No, I won't explain why.  You will have to wait to see. 

"Hey kids, guess what we get to do today?  It's December 1st and the first day of our Advent activities and (drum roll) we get to finish putting up the Christmas decorations!!"  Met with eye rolls and tilted heads. 
Chris doing vocab at Cody's basketball practice.

Cody at practice.

FRIDAY FUN DAY AT THE FARM!  Cody whittling designs into potatoes to be used to make homemade wrapping paper. 

Chris using come potato stamps to make homemade wrapping paper. 

Cody rolling out cinnamon dough to make ornaments.

Cody making homemade wrapping paper.

Our ornaments - we have an entire Star Wars set, a Pokemon ball and a Christmas Tree or dagger depending on how you look at it. 

We've been doing service at My Joyful Heart since the beginning of November.  Cody and I have been doing service there for maybe 4 years now.  Anyway, they were in need of 250 pillows to go to kids who do not have their own pillows as part of their Christmas care package (necessities in addition to gifts are in these packages).  Dave's NHS kids donated these in addition to the funds to purchase the remaining pillows so they could have what they needed.  Just think about that - how many pillows do you sleep with?  (I sleep with 2) and these kids had nothing and will now be blessed with a pillow.   

Chris, thanks to his Papa Bob, has been collecting newspaper as part of his recycling project for scouts.  This is what he got to haul in to the recycler.  (Thanks Papa Bob!)

Chris on his Cub Scout recycling tour.

Chris with his Den and some of his leaders at the village hall after decorating their tree with their poppy flower and dog tag ornaments. 
This by far is my favorite Christmas decoration.  I've reused old Christmas cards to make paper frames for Christmas pictures of the boys.  Cody hung them up for me this year. 

So, that was last week!  Phew - thank goodness for photos or I'd be screwed on remembering all that we did. 
We've had an exciting week thus far and I can't wait to share with you all that we have done in...a few days (eye roll). 
Thanks for stopping by to see what we have been up to!

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