Friday, November 11, 2011

This Week 11/7/11 - The Week I Tried to Vote

(I have the urge to just pound on my keyboard because I can't think of anything to write...)

Okay, so today was a lot of fun!  We met up with another homeschooling family and the boys had a Nerf war, were so exhausted that they slept on the ride home and are already plotting their next adventure.  That's what I love about blogging, meeting people, getting support and making friends.  Awwww!  It's all good.
Lets move on to our week in review:
Cody doing Biology, Chris doing Vocabulary

Chris working on Math

This was for a Cub Scout project...I just think it's cute.

Super Memory State Flags.  They ACTUALLY want to play this....yeah!!

I'm making him look up a word he used incorrectly.  Ironic - both the word and the situation - OH!

Doing service at My Joyful Heart.  We were there for about 2 hours.  They are putting labels on envelopes here.

Service at My Joyful Heart - Cody is sorting travel size hygiene products

Service at My Joyful Heart - Chris is sorting candy for Christmas tins

We had a Den Meeting this week too - Chris is reviewing proper flag etiquette

I think that this is another cool picture.  Cody, who is the Den Chief, is behind Chris, who is the Assistant Denner this month. 

That would be SNOW!  That happened Thursday - snow sucks, especially in November. 

We worked on Veterans Day cards for A Million Thanks

Boys outside trying to catch snow in their mouths

I finally finished the baby shower quilt.  Yep - 6 weeks of procrastination!

I also finished the baby shower frame - again, 6 weeks of procrastination.

We celebrated Martinmas - this is Chris's lantern and his new hat and gloves to stay warm. 

This is Cody's Martinmas lantern with his new hat and gloves.

I use battery operated tea lights.  It looks really pretty at night.

Cody with his new hat and gloves. 
Now that I have the baby shower stuff done (I still can't believe it took me 6 weeks to get to it), I can work on addressing our Christmas cards.  I only have 50, so they are going to those we will not see for the holidays.  The boys are already talking about what they want for Christmas and asking when they can start making their lists .  I just finished reading Simplify Your Christmas (I checked it out at the library), and Dave and I have been talking about how we can institute some of the suggestions in there.  There are a lot of great suggestions, such as not sending Christmas cards, getting your child the ONE GIFT they really want, and how to slow down and enjoy the holidays for what they truly are meant to be.  I want to get as far away from the commercialism as possible and just enjoy the time with Dave and our boys.
So, with the holidays coming up, my plan is to take the boys to MSI to see Christmas Around the World and following that up with a visit to Daley Center for the Christkindlmarket and possibly tying it in with our St. Nicholas celebration.  My plan is not to over-do it.  I like the pace we have now.
Oh, and just a reminder that I'm participating in Blog Her's NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), so I'll be posting one post per day, not necessarily about homeschooling stuff.  Just an FYI.  I'm still writing for Examiner and you can find me here as well.  That's all I got!  Have a great weekend.  


  1. :) Had fun with you guys! They all had smiles on their faces and hope to hang out with you again, soon!

  2. Fabulous post! Your kids look like they're having so much fun! I *was* going to say that your kids are adorable, but at their age, "adorable" isn't something they'd want to be called! ;) xo


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