Friday, November 4, 2011

This Week 10/31/11 - Here's The Breakdown!

This week was awesome!  What week wouldn't be if it started with Halloween.  I LOVE Halloween.  I had to re-evaluate, yet again (irritating!) our Unit Study on the 50 States.  I've totally abandoned it at this point.  I have no clue what I'm replacing it with.  I have books, I just have to take the time to look at what I got and see how we can use it.  It was, in my mind, the perfect Unit's just not working out (eye roll).
We made a pumpkin vomit green goo, caught Chris cheating, dissected a black walnut, started an on-line math program (thankyougod!), found out we own $5 in late fees to the library (yikes) and I got to read a riveting essay on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.  I am a well informed human now, and I'm totally not being sarcastic here, Cody did an amazing job on his essay.  Oh and we are using GuitarSmith for music and I am hoping to win an XBox 360 with Kinect to supplement our PE instruction.  It's getting cold here and I'm ready to hunker down and hibernate.  I'm hopeful (fingers crossed).  So, here is our week in photos!
Chris working on his write and draw journal

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

Aren't they cute!

Our supplies for our Pumpkin experiment (active dry yeast, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap & food coloring)

(Left) 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of dish soap, food coloring (Right) active dry yeast dissolved with hot water

The victim - Cody's pumpkin

Cup with hydrogen peroxide mix is inside the pumpkin, Cody is pouring the yeast mix

And here comes the foamy goo

It's a larger example of what happens when you put peroxide on a cut to clean it

Chris working on match at basketball practice

Cody for the rebound

Derrick, Coach Dino's son, explaining the free throw

Chris all snuggled up and reading

Timer!  Very important homeschooling tool in our house.

Cody working on his math.  We purchased Aleks for the boys.  This was the same program that Cody's middle school purchased and made the kids do at home in addition to math homework and math work in school because their math curriculum from elementary school didn't prepare them for the basic knowledge they needed. 

Chris using Aleks (he's doing 3rd grade math because that's where the program starts.)  He's trying his best!

Cody on GuitarSmith trying to master "Satisfaction" by the Rollin Stones

Chris heading out for a Pokemon battle

Black Walnut

Cody dissecting the black walnut

Split open with the nut removed

Did you know that it's the black walnut that is used in stain?  I didn't know that until about a week ago. 

Trying to crack the nut open

Trying to smash the nut open

Taking it outside worked!

There is the meat


The carnage on our driveway

Chris raking a leaf pile to jump into (more about this below)

Yep, it's pretty awesome
(Regarding Leaf Pile), our neighbor insists on raking all the leaves off of her property every day.  The problem is she also rakes our yard too.  Dave has asked her not to because Chris wants to make a pile to jump into, she doesn't listen though.  I think the boys have maybe been able to jump into 5 leaf piles since we moved here, like 4 years ago.  So sad!  Anyway, I had Chris rake all the leaves from the curb in front of our house (where our neighbor put them) into a pile in the middle of our yard.  Talk about a happy kid!
(Regarding Aleks), when Cody first came how with the instructions and requirements last year, around this time, I was in total shock.  It was this program that became the catalyst to make me take seriously the prospect of homechooling him.  When I first logged into the program to install it onto my computer it had a tab for homeschoolers and I thought to myself "Why is he using a homeschool program when he's in a math class at school?"  It's a good program and I like all of the features.

Be sure to click over here to read more about homeschooling support in Cook County; here to read more about getting your homeschooler physically moving to starve off medical issues in the future; here for information about the Homeschool Explorations program with the Forest Preserve District of Kane County AND lastly here to get more information about the homeschooling programs offered at Irons Oaks in Olympia Fields.  

For the month of November I'll be participating in the BlogHer NaBloPoMo challenge to post once per day for the month of November.   I'm pretty sure I can do it!

Lastly, I caused some concern with this post.  Just to clarify, it was part of this series over at Simple Homeschool.  My dad was so concerned that he called me, from Texas, to make sure that we were doing okay.  

Have a great weekend, see you next week!

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