Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Week 10/24/11 - I Have No Clever Title

It was a blur.  I know that it was because I don't remember what we did, and now it's Tuesday of the week after and I am just getting to last weeks re-cap post.  How crazy is THAT?!  Thank goodness I have photos though!  I'm really NOT a procrastinator, but this week felt like I was putting everything off until the last minute.
We went to the library

Chris working on his spelling words for the week with window markers (LOVE)

Cody doing research for his 5 paragraph essay

Parts of a tree project

Parts of a tree project

Chris working on match at Cody's basketball practice

Cody at basketball practice

Super Memory! Flags of the 50 states

Chris shooting archery.  This picture makes me very happy!
Cody shooting
Chris on the 'Truck 'o Fun'

Advantages of knowing people who run a farm: Farm fresh eggs, a bunch of peppers to make poppers, and as many corn stalks as I can jam into my van.  Why thankyouverymuch!

Friday night project - Cody's Halloween costume 'Hug-able Bear'

Saturday night project: Chris's Halloween costume 'Pickachu'

And we waited until Sunday to get pumpkins - that just felt so wrong!

Chris with his pumpkin

Cody with his pumpkin

Good looking guys (especially the one all the way to the right -IMO)

Hey look!  I exist.
So that is my re-cap of our week.  Hopefully this week I remember to remember what we did, or something like that.  Have a good one, I'll see you all in a few days with this weeks re-cap.

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