Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take Your Kid Outside

We went out to breakfast this morning.  I love me some Sunday breakfast at Lumes.  Apparently, so does everyone else in our area.  I gather by looking at all those waiting for a seat along with us that many of them are coming from church.  Dressed up and made up.  Those were two words that would not have described me this morning.  Actually, what passed through my head was "can I get away with wearing my pj's?", that would be no, by the way.
We were seated rather quickly, unfortunately we were seated in a booth right by the waiting area.  With people leering at us, in obvious envy that we were seated and ordering and they were not.  I'm going to share one of my biggest peeves about eating out - screaming children and their unresponsive parents.  You know what, I've been there, but the way to respond to your child screaming to the octave equivalent of a fire alarm in not to turn them so they are screaming into my ear (or anyone else ear), but to LEAVE THE BUILDING.  Yes, I said it.  Get out.  Leave the building and calm your child down.  What do you do if your child will not calm down?  I'll share with you what Dave and I have done, we left the restaurant all together.  Because you know what, no one wants to have their meal disrupted by a screaming child.  Yes, I did just go there.  I just don't get other people some times, I really don't.  I get if your child is excited about the potential of Mickey Mouse Pancakes or some other bizarre kids meal item.  I have one of those kids, he's really into grilled cheese, and we have to only tell him once to calm down and talk low to put him into line.
I'm not perfect.  Before we even considered leaving the house to go out to eat some things were considered.  Was our child tired or did they just wake up from a nap, was our child overly hungry or would they become overly hungry with an extended wait for a table and if so, should we pack a snack, was our child sick, or was our child cranky in general because of some combination of the above?  If so, we didn't go out.
I don't know, am I being overly harsh here?    


  1. I don't think you're being overly harsh. I agree with you and I think the way a lot of parents ignore their bored children in restaurants, or other public places, is selfish and rude and there's really no excuse for it. From time to time I'll see a parent take a loud/obnoxious child outside, but that's the exception. I found your blog from Blogher.

  2. Ack! That's one of my biggest pet peeves too! We make sure that if our toddler is starting to show signs of being antsy or agitated, we take her out for a little walk or just to get out and avoid a scene. We've gone out with friends who are "unresponsive" and just let their child scream. I always feel like an awful parent, because the screaming and wailing just grates on my nerves. I think it's only considerate to take care of the screaming when people are paying money to enjoy a meal out.

  3. It really is the exception, and that is sad.
    I can't restrain myself in social situations where kids I know (friends kids, nieces or nephews) act out of line.
    If it happens in my house, all bets are off. It's my house, my rules apply and I'll put a kid in check.


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