Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Husband Thinks That I’m Killing the Bath Towels

We had the same bath towels for about seven years up until a month ago.  They really couldn’t be considered bath towels really, not what they turned into at least.  They were missing about four inches of material and lost all ability to absorb anything, even air.  It was quite pathetic.   So my awesome husband went to the store while I was at work one day and replaced all of our bath towels with the most amazing, fluffy, absorbent, big and warm towels I have ever used in my life.  He warned me that since they were obviously more absorbent than our old ones that I would need to wash them fewer at a time.  Whereas before I could fit all twelve bath towels in a wash cycle, I could now only fit five, maybe six in the washer now.  But after the third washing one of the corners on one of the towels started to unravel.  I got accused of over stuffing the washer.   Then the following week two more towels turned up with the same corner coming unraveled, and again I got accused of overstuffing the washer.  But I wasn’t!  I swore to my husband that I wasn’t cramming tons of towels into the washer, that I was following his instructions.  Then, one day, I had to go to work and I asked him to push the rest of the laundry through because I was running behind with it.  And sure enough another towel showed up with its corner unraveling and sure enough I only had six towels in the washer.  He saw it with his own eyes.  I was doing what he asked on me.  It doesn’t matter, I still think he believes that I am trying to destroy the bath towels.  I don’t know why.  I’m a big fan of a towel that will actually wrap all the way around me, that will absorb the water that I am trying to wick off of me and one that has enough fluff to it that it shields me from the draft of the exhaust fan in the ceiling. 


  1. Your description of the old towels reminds me of the blanket situation at our house at one point. Hubby held up a blanket that had a ridiculous number of holes in it and I said, "That's not a blanket--that's a hole with a little blanket around it."

    I have faith in your towel-washing ability even if your husband doesn't. :)

  2. That is awesome. A hole with a little blanket around it. HA!

  3. This sounds like something that would happen in our house! :)


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