Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Want to Live a Pottery Barn Life

I love Pottery Barn.  I can't afford Pottery Barn though.  I do have one thing to my advantage, I'm pretty damn creative and crafty.  I'm the type of weirdo who when I go to a craft fair is armed with a notebook and pencil to sketch and take notes and my cell phone to snap pictures.   
I coveted this a few years back:
 Doesn't that look so damn festive!  I'm a sucker for anything fall and when I saw that table cloth and those kids with that banner I WANTED IT.
Now, there are a few problems with this 1)My kids will never look like that nor allow me to put them in turkey hats and 2)If I have a table cloth like that I'd freak out over it getting ruined with stains.  I have to pick my battles, so I opted for the banner. 
At the time I was determined to make it out of materials that we already had on hand.  I did not have felt, but had foam squares.  Cody, who was 8 at the time, and I sat down with a box of my craft stuff and plotted out our plan for attack.
This is what we came up with:
Not too bad, huh?  It's held up for 4 years and I love hanging it up every November. 

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