Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Lied Today

I said that we attend church
We don't
I feel very uncomfortable when asked by other homeschooling moms what church we attend, how we teach the Bible to our kids, etc...  I'm only around this non-secular group once a week.  Today was the first time in about 10 months that I was asked what church we attend and how I teach the Bible.   
*deep exhale*
I am trying to justify it by saying to myself
"It's a good group of kids, they don't need to know we are heathen"
"What difference does it make, it's not like they would be attending that church anyways"
I feel very uncomfortable right now, like I'm damned to an agnostic hell or something, and need to set things straight with this mom when I see her next week.
We do not attend church
We do not homeschool for religious reasons
My kids don't study the Bible
Why is this so difficult for me?  Oh yeah, because I want people to like me!  Damn people pleasing defect of character *grumbling under my breath*.  The bigger question is why do I care?


  1. I can sort of identify. My daughter is 17 and after attending public school until mid-way through her sophomore year of high school, she made the choice to finish high school with an online curriculum. It took some effort to find an online high school that was not religion-based.

    The trying to balance being/owning up to who you are with wanting people to like you is something I think many,many of us have struggled with. Especially when it comes to religion--which is SUCH a touchy subject--it is very hard to admit to being "heathen" in a roomful of believers. I have that issue a little at work where all of my co-workers are some degree of religious and I am decidedly not. I opt for hedging and changing the subject whenever possible. Not only am I a confirmed heathen, I'm a wuss.

  2. Well, I'm comforted in knowing that I am good company as I too am a heathen and wuss.


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