Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Didn't Make It

So - NaBloPoMo is ending tonight.  Oh you evil, evil beast!  I did not make it.  This is my 33rd post for the month of November.  That does not break down into one post per day though, to that point I failed.  Oh, how I failed miseribly!  I did succeed at posting more than once a week though and that is growth.   
But, it was a great experience.  I met some really nice bloggers and got to read some awesome blogs.  That is something that I am very grateful for. 
So, next year BlogHer, maybe next year I'll be able to make it for the entire month of November.  Thanks for the experience and exposure.  


  1. I don't think you failed at all. The fact that you were able to write 33 posts in one month is incredible to me! This is a huge accomplishment, no matter how we did it. I am proud of you!

  2. If I'd offered up my baked goods challenge like I did last year, you would have still qualified for baked goods. 33 posts in a month is a fantastic showing!

  3. Thanks guys! My husband says I'm too hard on myself as well.
    Oooo - a baked goods challenge eh? I use to run my own baking business, that might be fun. Let me know if you do it again I'll be game.


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