Sunday, November 20, 2011

How WalMart foiled My No Chrsitmas Talk Until December Plan

I've been trying to stick to my "We are NOT going to talk about Christmas until December 1st" reign of terror at my house.  For the most part it's going quite well.  I had to ask the boys for gift ideas last week for our family gift exchange (it's for the kids only on Christmas Eve) so that I could send out some suggestions.  Yesterday Dave and I talked about staying focused on November and Thanksgiving for the rest of the month.  Just enjoying THIS month, December will come.  Which was nice.  It was nice to be reminded that we are together on this, that we are both striving for simplicity this holiday season.  It's nice to know that I am not a lone ship.  But then we went to WalMart last night.  As soon as I stepped in through the first set of sliding doors I could smell it - RETAIL CHRISTMAS.  Do you know what stopped me in my tracks about 20 feet into the store?  A display for Axe gift sets.  Body wash, body spray and something else, I seriously don't recall.  And do you know what ran through my head "Oh, Cody would like that."  Did Cody ask for such a thing?  NO!  Do I think that Cody could use it? YES, it's a need based commodity.  This is where I struggle people.  Chris on the other hand was stopped dead in his tracks at some sort of roller coaster made of K'nex.  It looks nice all assembled, but how long will it stay assembled?  How long will it be until it is in the rubber maid bin full of other K'nex and Lego pieces.  I'm betting on 48 hours after it's opened.  I'm still digging my heals in to have the boys stick to a list of 5 things that they want for Christmas and I'm still going to stand firm to stick with that.  As much as it is a struggle for them, actually for Chris at this point, it's as much a struggle for me to stick to that when shopping.  I'm also going to stand firm on no Christmas talk until December 1st.  This will be difficult with Thanksgiving coming up, as I know there will be talk of wish lists and what the boys want.  I have done well on two fronts so far 1) My Christmas cards are still in their box on my craft table.  I will not be sending them out prior to December 1st, and 2) Our decorations are still in their storage spot in the garage rafters.  They will not be coming down until December 1st.
I just want to stick to one month, one season and one holiday at a time.  To appreciate and be grateful for them separately and in their own right.     

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  1. Stick to your guns. The rushing Christmas thing makes me crazy. There was stuff in the local Kmart in mid-August. Sure, it was in a back corner, but it was there--unpacked and on the shelf. Ugh. As someone who has worked retail most of my adult life (until about 3 years ago), I will say that as a retailer it's hard NOT to do it because you feel like you're not being competitive if everyone else has their stuff out months before you do. As a person, it just straight annoys the crap out of me.

    (PS--I gave you a Liebster Blog Award. You can read about it over on my blog:


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