Sunday, November 13, 2011

He Wants To Go To High School!

That's what Cody declared not long into our school year this year.  He's excited about it.  There was a little tear in my heart when I heard that.  Granted, we never thought of homeschooling through high school, but that he's thinking about that now, about two months into 7th grade, makes me a little sad.  Oh I know what he misses.  He misses hanging out in school with his friends (though he able to do that after school) and he wants to be 'cool'.  Yeah, cool.  What he doesn't realize is that high school is a different game.  Chances are he won't be in classes with the kids he knew from school.  Chances are he won't be a the cool kid.  Chances are he won't even attend the same high school as the kids he wants to.  What will happen is that he'll have to get up before the crack of dawn and not get home until after the sun sets.  What will happen is he'll have hours of homework that will shorten his day and ability to hang out with friends.  What he wants is all the fun things about homeschooling and all the fun things about school - that just can't happen though.  So right now I'm trying to focus on November of his 7th grade year and not any further ahead.  What can I do for his this month, what does he want to do and how can we make it fun.   

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