Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

Once a week I interview my aunt as part of a genealogy project I’m working on for my cousin.  When my aunt comes to my house I have the boys stay upstairs in their bedrooms to work on their schoolwork.  I grabbed Chris’s math workbook, in addition to other stuff, had a list of tasks he needed to complete and set him up in his room. “Do as much as you can, but don’t worry if you don’t finish it all by the time Aunt Janie leaves.  We have more than enough time”, I say as I head out of his room.
After my aunt leaves I call the boys downstairs and start checking their work.  I open Chris’s workbook to the last page and find this

I think for a second, “Wow, that’s pretty impressive”.  Then, I realize he can’t spell half of those words and flip though the rest of the pages to check the answers.  Every page he was assigned, the same thing.  I flip to the back of the workbook looking for an answer key.  “That little $%*^!”, I say in shock.  “Chris, get down here now”.  Chris comes down the stairs, skipping no less.  “How do you spell correspond?”  Blank stare.  “Did you cheat?”  “No, I didn’t”, his eyes widening as he answers.  “Chris?”
How do you handle cheating in homeschooling?  This is not our typical routine.  I sit with Chris as he does his work and watch what he is doing.  It saddens me that when given the freedom to do his work independently that he chose to cheat, to opt out, to lie.   

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  1. Yup. All the answers were right on his math work one day when I hadn't been supervising. He confessed to having used a calculator. I gave him the whole "you're only cheating yourself talk" and I think he bought it. But I still make sure to put the calculators away during math time now.

    I was internally giggling though, as cheating was my way through school. I became an expert cheater and, in a way, think that cheating is a skill that needs to be learned for certain things in life. Being good at cheating can come in very handy sometimes.


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