Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This Week 10/3/11 - "I'm Encouraging Bad Habits"

Why is it that I only remember to start taking photos on like Thursday of each week?  I have to get better at this. 
So, here is a recap of our past week (a few days late).
We got 5 lbs of unsalted peanuts in shells from my Uncle.  We have been making trail mix with it every few weeks.

He is in an NFL confidence pool, he's a card shark and yes, I have now added dice playing to his sponge like brain. 

Nature Studies

Nature Studies



Fox River, St. Charles, IL.

Scarecrow Fest

My favorite one!

Who doesn't like baby goats?

Cody getting an autograph from the producer and director of Munger Road (I'll add a link at the bottom of the post)

I swear, I'm not a bad mom.  Yeah, I taught my 7 year old to play dice and my 12 year old is flaunting candy cigarettes.  BUT, I made him buy them with his own money.  That's gotta count for something.

I'm making one of these for me, just thought I'd share that.

So pretty!

The highlight of his day was the ice cream eating contest.

Chris, my lactose intolerant child, going against his wise mama and entering the contest.  Which resulted in a stomach ache and a visit from vomiting butterflies. 

Honor mention (the vomiting butterflies haven't visited yet, that's why he's smiling).

Good show with 3rd place

Proof that I'm a competitive ass. We are no longer playing the punch buggy game.  

We are slowing down....I don't know how I feel about this.  Or we have found our groove?  I'm not sure which.  Whatever. 
So, Cody wants to see this movie .  He met the producer and director at the St. Charles Scarecrow Fest.  Got an autographed poster too.  It was pretty cool, his whole family was there passing out posters, encouraging people to get autographs and handing out ticket information.  I told him that he needed to watch the Blair Witch Project first.  We will see. 
That's all I got from last week.  Encouraging bad habits in my kids.  It's all in a days work.


  1. Hi Steph,

    I looked all over your site but couldn't find the "follow" button and then the followers showed up and I am already one. I read your blog every week. I think you are doing a great job and I am just a wee bit jealous.

  2. Hey Colleen, I think you are a follower already. ;-) That sounds so cult-ish. Than you so much for reading it every week and commenting. Even when it takes me FOREVER to publish those comments.


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