Friday, October 14, 2011

This Week 10/10/2011 - "I Remembered to Take Photos Prior to Thursday This Week"

We had a busy, busy week!  Monday we had Cody's Court of Honor for Boy Scouts.  In addition to making 2nd Class he also make 1st Class.  He received his Den Chief cords as well as his merit badges from Summer Camp (Environmental Science, Archery and Lifesaving).  It was also Monday Night Football and the Bears were playing.  Such a cruel turn of events!  So we DVR'd the game and got take out.  There are photos below detailing what we did (SHOCKER!).  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were kind of a blur.  Friday we got to hang out with some of our homeschool friends for archery training.  THAT was awesome!  Scroll through to see what we did this week at Educational Anarchy!
So Proud!  And a little irritated that he is now as tall as me.  When did that happen?!?
What was left of the take out.  We got Rosati's 24 inch pizza and 24 wings and watched the Bears. Yep, I know they lost.  Who cares, I got to spend time with my guys!  The food - that got us two dinners and two lunches.  Sweet!
Cody at his regular spot.  Working on his 5 paragraph essay on Columbus.

Christian reading

I cleaned and organized our homeschooling stuff.  This is in the toy room.  I've successfully taken over the entire shelving unit and have happily organized it. 

I also took over some crates in the closet of the toy room.  They now house a bunch of National Geographic magazines (thanks Colleen!) and some other magazines that the boys can use as well.

The top shelf, above the Nerf arsenal, is where I am storing materials I no longer need.  At the end of the school year I'll pass them along. 

Cody doing Biology

Physical Education, yep, that's what it is.  Physical Education.

I'm teaching him roulette now.  It will go real nicely with his dice, card and confidence pool  skills.

Chris at his Den Meeting this week. 

Cody cherry picking at basketball partice

Chris doing math at basketball practice

Cody for the lay-up

The team

On the go, as usual

Hey!  I do exist!

Chris and all of our archery gear

"Truck o' fun"

He does better when I'm not the one coaching him

I love this picture of Cody

Insisting on living in the tree

Score!  Farm fresh eggs! (thanks Jennifer)

Enjoying hot coco after shooting in the cool fall weather all day.

Heading out on a camping trip for the weekend

Sad face?  Because he just told me that his girl-friend broke up with him.  I told him that she wasn't good enough for him. 

Trying to make my way through a bunch of apples.  I call this "Apple Stuff"
So, not only did we begin and end our week with scouting stuff we crammed some in during the middle of the week. 
I was reminded, by some fuzzy ones, that what I'm dealing with really ain't all that bad.  Needed a little perspective this week, and got it.
That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!

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