Friday, October 21, 2011

HOMEschool? Ha! More Like TRAVELschool...

I have spent way too much time in my van this week.  I know this because my gas tank is almost empty and I have three more days until I can put gas into it.  It seems like EVERYTHING happened this week.  From multiple doctor appointments to our bi-monthly grocery shopping trip to field trips, we spent a lot of time in the van.
So first before I go into our week in review I have some very exciting news to share.  Well, it's exciting to me!  I will be writing for  You can find me here.  (Giggle!)  I'll be sharing how to get started in homeschooling as well as tips and ideas for homeschooling.  I linked my first article in the post below this one as well.  I wanted to see if it would link, and it did.
On with this week in review:
Monday - Chris working on vocab

Monday - Cody working on biology

Monday - a happy little black puppy

Monday - Educators Open House at the Museum of Science and Industry.  You can read about my night here.

Monday - In the tornado vortex at the Educators Open House

Monday - Educators Open House at Museum of Science and Industry

Tuesday - Time-suck day!  I had a doctors appointment in the early afternoon and we went grocery shopping after.  Gotta love a wall of German food!

Wednesday - we went back out to the farm to shoot

Wednesday - Cody doing biology in the van on the way home from the farm

Wednesday - Chris's bin of work

Thursday - Of course we are on the go again!  On the way to Cody's basketball practice.  He's getting his reading in.  We multitask a lot.

Thursday - It's fall!

Thursday - Chris reading on the way to Cody's practice.

Thursday - Chris finishing up his reading assignment

Thursday - Cody getting ready for practice

Thursday - Cody doing drills

Thursday - Cody for the lay up

Thursday - Chris sitting on a basketball doing his spelling

Thursday - Chris doing math

Thursday - Cody, irritated or something

Thursday we finished up our Moon Phase study in Nature Studies.  I made the above example of the phases of the moon using sandwich cookies.  You can find the example here on my Pinterest page.

Thursday - Chris identifying the phases of the moon.

Thursday - Chris making his own phases of the moon with sandwich cookies

Thursday - Cody doing his phases of the moon

Thursday - Cody is done and excited that he gets to eat his creation and the scraps

Thursday - Chris is done and excited that he gets to eat his creation and the scraps

Thursday - Chris's turn to do the lunch dishes

Thursday - we went to the library as well

Thursday - Cody had to sell popcorn for Boy Scouts

Thursday - Our seasonal table is done for fall

Friday - Cody had a doctors appointment in the AM

Friday - Of course we packed our stuff and took it with.  This is Chris getting his reading time in.

Friday - Cody getting his reading time in...

and a little worried about this thing being shoved up his nose.

Friday - On the go again.  Cody is working on his vocabulary story for the week.

Friday - on the way to the orthodontist.
At basketball practice on Thursday, which for some reason seems like it happened today.  It's scary when the days melt together.  Anyway, yesterday at practice, Cody's coach was telling them that "it's much easier to fix a mistake than to break a bad habit".  It was in reference to them looking at the ball while they are dribbling.  It stuck with me and I just wanted to share.
That's all that I have for this week.  Have a great weekend.

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