Friday, September 9, 2011

This Week 9/6/11

We officially started homeschool this week.  Here are some highlights of the week:
Our school year started on Tuesday, September 6th.  We go Labor Day to Memorial Day.  The boys were given schultute cones for their first day of school and a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls.
Chris ripping open his cone.

Chris is staring 2nd grade this year. 

Cody ripping open his cone.

Cody is starting 7th grade this year.
Schooling on the go!  We are playing Memory at Cody's basketball tryouts.  It's true what they say, there is never a good time or day to start.  On our first day we had homeschool basketball tryouts, a library visit, and a scheduled doctors appointment.  We just took the work with us.

Cody doing drills at homeschool basketball tryouts.

Cody with his coach and the other boys trying out for the Junior High team.

Cody doing more drills at tryouts.

Chris writing in his Write and Draw journal about his day.  He needs to write three complete sentences and illustrate those sentences as well.  He's writing about how he ripped open his cone on the first day of school.

Cody's classroom.
Chris dong Art.
He has to pick a painting he liked from a book and copy it.  This painting is "Snow in April".  He likes snow and cannot wait for winter to come.
Nature Studies - Chris drawing his tree.

Nature Studies - Cody drawing his tree.

Cody and his tree.  He will draw and describe it each week as well as take a picture of it to document the changes.

Chris and his tree.  He will draw and describe it each week as well as take a picture of it to document the changes.
Physical Education.

Physical Education.

I just really like this picture Cody took of Chris.

As well as this one that Chris took of Cody.

Play!  At Commissioner Park in Frankfort.  Or as the boys like to call it "The Fort".

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music!"


  1. Looks like a great start to the year! That park looks fun. We should get the kids together and play there sometime.

  2. I'm so horrid at comments! Sorry Tracey. Yes, we should get the kids together to play there. It's in Frankfort off of Old Saulk Trail Road. I think the best way for you to come would be 80 East and exit off of LaGrange or Harlem Ave. There is a skate park, fort and baseball fields too.


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