Friday, September 23, 2011

This Week 9/19/11 - "Douh!"

I had one of those smack palm to forehead moments today.  I'd like everyone to believe that I do have it all together, but I really don't.  So, I wanted to share my folly with you.
This is my homeschool planner.  Neat, organized and detailed.  Problem - Monday was declared a "Lazy Day" and Thursday we had basketball and a farm trip that took up pretty much the entire day.  Actually, those are not problems.  The problem is me.  The solution came by way of Dave when I was telling him today that I thought that I may need to go from 2 states per week to 1 state per week for our Geography/History lesson.  See, I planned 2 per week so we could complete Unit Studies of all 50 states within our instructional year.  Nice, neat and organized.  It's not working out though.  I want more flexibility and give.  The cool thing is that I can do that.  I just spent the last 20 minutes updating the planner accordingly through the end of December (that's as far as I am planned out right now, I'll worry about the rest of the year come Christmas Break). 
So, now on to the other stuff we did this week:
"Lazy Day" - we still had to get Geography/History in otherwise we'd be too far behind...or that was my thinking that day.  I have a new outlook now =-)

Poetry Lesson on the go.

Nature Studies

Nature Studies

Cody and Chris got our old phones to use as cameras.  They have been having a blast all week with them.  Can't wait to upload the photos from them to see what they captured.

Basketball practice.

Chris reading during basketball practice.

CHICKENS!  I so wanted a chicken - stupid village ordinances!  We are at the private farm of one of the homeschool families from the co-op I'm checking out. 

Cody and Chris at the chicken coop.  The owner of the farm is in the background.

Bees...I think I now want to keep bees.  If I can't keep chickens, I want bees!


Cody conquering his fear of bees.

Chris, who has no fear.

Chris made fast friends with a few kids from the group at the farm trip.

Cody claimed to be "shy".  But ended up meeting a handful of kids his age literally 10 minutes before we had to leave.  He's looking forward to our next outing. 

The boys were able to pick a pumpkin to take home.  I also was allowed to take a pie pumpkin home =-)  I'm going to make pumpkin bread with it.  It's one of the boys favorites. 

Chris on the zip line

Cody on the zip line.

Chris declared Friday his holiday.  One perk of declaring your own holiday is the ability to stay in your pj's all day.


Peanut butter cup shake as part of our study on Georgia.

Cranberry smoothies as part of our study on New Jersey.

Physical Education this week.

Physical Education this week.

....and we saw How I Became a Pirate at the high school Dave works at.  It was SO good!

I'll be looking for more opportunities to slow down and not be as rushed and allow flexibility as well. It's a work in process for me. 

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