Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week 9/12/11 -"It's Like a World's Fair!"

Here are some highlights from this week in homeschooling:
We went acorn hunting at Yankee Woods

Yankee Woods in located in Oak Forest - I kind of figured we'd have good luck finding acorns there!

We actually did better as we were driving out of the lot.  We spotted a few sections with TONS on acorns on the pavement.
We visited our trees again and updated our Nature Journals.
We attended our first Cub Scout Den Meeting on the year.  Cody (Boy Scout to right) is the Den Chief this year.  Christian (Cub Scout to left, back facing) is a Wolf this year.
Cody made the cut for the Homeschool Basketball League (he is in the blue shirt, back facing).


He's laying on the ground practicing his shooting.  He has to do this 100 times per day.

Chris worked on drawing.
As well as reading.
We finished up our week in the kitchen with our States Study unit.  The boys learned about Delaware and Pennsylvania this week.  They made smore's for Pennsylvania...

and peach floats for Delaware.
It was an awesome end to our week!

Christian declared that "Lunch is like a World's fair today!"  And I couldn't figure out why, so I asked.  He said "You know, it was one of our words for the chocolate state.  It's a celebration!"  Alrighty then, lunch was like a World's Fair today!

We also acquired 5lbs of unsalted, still in their shells peanuts.  We are making trail mix with it!  When I posted on Facebook the question "What would you do with 5 lbs of peanuts?" one of my homeschool moms suggested a science experiment growing them in different types of soils and using the shells as fire starters.  I wasn't even thinking it that mind frame.  I was thinking "how can we consume all of this!"  Just a testament that no question is a stupid questions. 
It's been cold here pretty much the last half of the week.  We've been snuggling in blankets, reading books and relaxing.  Can't wait to start the process to make acorn flour next week (this is why we are hunting for acorns).  You can find the directions here.  And while you are at it, I would suggest visiting Alicia's blog   Magic and Mayhem.  It's one of my favorites!  I also want to go out with the boys to gather stuff for our seasonal table, which is still bare.
Have a great weekend!

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