Monday, July 25, 2011


I don't use one.  What I do use though are the "What Your ---- Grader Needs To Know" (E.D. Hirsch, Jr.) books.  I only use them as a guide too. 
So, where do I get my "lessons" from?
  • Internet
  • Library
  • Other homeschool parents suggestoins
  • Teacher resources (specifically from $ Tree)
I'm in the process of planning out our school year.  This first involved getting a calendar to plot out a game plan.  In the process of doing this I started to feel a little bit of guilt.  Should I include time for them to be involved in a co-op?  Are there other resources out there?  I don't want my boys to feel like freaks and the ONLY homeschooled kids in the world....where are the rest of them at?  So, I went on a hunt...and what I found was that the co-op closets to our home, with the "coolest" activities requires a statement of faith to be signed.  I cringed.  Then I back tracked..."if it will benefit my kids, shouldn't I just sign it?".  I mulled over this for a little while and ultimately decided that I couldn't sign it.  And just like always, another person was placed in my path whom I was able to bounce my homeschooling concerns off of.  And I am SO thankful.  So, back to planning for me.  I'm sure I'll get another pain of guilt, again.  I assume that these will diminish as we continue on our path.   

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