Thursday, June 30, 2011

And Today, We Celebrate!

...though possibly a bit prematurely.  I got confirmation from my boss this morning that my overnight shifts for Saturday and Sunday have been moved to second shift on those days (YEAH!).  Which means that as of right now, my only overnight shift is Friday.  But for some reason I work in an alertant realm where things are not necessarily what they seem, what I mean is I don't know how long their interpretation of "permanent" is. 
This also means that we will be able to pull Christian out of school this year.
This is being met with mixed emotions from Cody though.  As lunch yesterday he said stuff like:
"But, I liked it just being us."
"We aren't going to have any more fun then."
"(Unintelligible teenage noises)!"
And that made me hurt,  I have loved the past six months.  It has been awesome and I really don't want to loose the momentum that our relationship has been on. 
I am happy, don't get me wrong.  I am happy that I will be able to have both of my boys home now.  I am also happy that Cody has liked our time together.  I hope to be able to continue to build on that.  I think that will mean more planned social outings with other homeschoolers in the area.  This is something that I have dragged my feet on thus far.
So, the planning for the first day of school will start now that I know what I am planning towards.  

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