Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remain Calm, It'll All Be Fine

This week was tough.  Coming off of Spring Break where Cody actually got to take a break and then trying to get back into the groove on Monday, yeah - that sucked. 
Over break I sketched out a new approach to some of the subjects we are studying.  Art, Geography, and Poetry got an overhaul.  We are using an internet site to do a unit study on the 50 states and Cody has to choose a poet and artist to research at the library and write a 4 paragraph essay on.  Guess what!  He doesn't know how to write a 4 paragraph essay using non-fiction based material.  His grammar projects each week - awesome!  But those are creative, loose instruction based writings.  Here are 20 words, find the definitions, use in an appropriate sentence and at the end of the week write a story using those 20 words, plus your memory verse and hey, if you want, use one of the journaling story prompts to help you out.
So this week, we are focusing on 4 paragraph essays.
Okay, so here is what we are doing: we will continue to use text books for History and Science; Khan Academy and text book for Math; on-line resources for Geography, Spelling, Grammar & Nature Studies;   outside resources (library and owned books) for Memory, Art, Poetry and Literature. 
I've been searching some on-line homeschooling resources for ideas, support, words of encouragement and am continually reminded to remain calm and it'll all be fine.  So, that is where I will try to stay for the next 9 weeks of instruction.  I plan on using the summer as an experimental time to figure out what direction we will take come August.  One thing I did learn this past week, no formal breaks!  We will continue schooling in some form, very limited I guess, over summer and other breaks.  Total cut off and then trying to get back into things is not the way to go for us.     

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