Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebration and Nothing!

This past week we celebrated!  Cody made it three consecutive weeks completing all of his school work and so we went BOWLING!

Look at that form!

He's having fun with his mom - awww!

Proof that he kicked my butt!

This upcoming week is Spring Break on our side of town.  The Littlest has off of school and so does Dave (not common that he is off when the boys are off, so we scored this year).  I'm going to be taking the time to review what we have gone over so far, switch some stuff up - specifically our Art, Geography, Literature, and Poetry units and see how I can condense our studies even more so that we have more free time in the afternoon to go out and explore. 
Cody is doing really well with the Math, Science and History curriculum.  Dave is using an free on-line guide for Math at the Khan Academy, which allows him to track Cody's progress.  I am using high school college prep books for Science (Biology) and History.  Cody likes using the books and doing the assignments and assessments out of the book for those subjects so we are going to stick with that. 
What I have to get out of my head is the notion that we will complete the WHOLE book by summer, which we will not because we didn't start until January.  So I am trying to let go of the perfectionism that sometimes runs rampant in this area specifically and the need to fully complete the book.  That also doesn't mean that we will not be doing some sort of school work over the summer, because we will.  Just not as structured. 
So, it's review week for me and break for Cody. 


  1. You make all of this sound really fun.

  2. Oh, I'm having a blast. I've been asked lots of times why I never became a teacher. I know fully well why, I don't like kids. I like my kids, just not all kids.


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