Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebration and Nothing!

This past week we celebrated!  Cody made it three consecutive weeks completing all of his school work and so we went BOWLING!

Look at that form!

He's having fun with his mom - awww!

Proof that he kicked my butt!

This upcoming week is Spring Break on our side of town.  The Littlest has off of school and so does Dave (not common that he is off when the boys are off, so we scored this year).  I'm going to be taking the time to review what we have gone over so far, switch some stuff up - specifically our Art, Geography, Literature, and Poetry units and see how I can condense our studies even more so that we have more free time in the afternoon to go out and explore. 
Cody is doing really well with the Math, Science and History curriculum.  Dave is using an free on-line guide for Math at the Khan Academy, which allows him to track Cody's progress.  I am using high school college prep books for Science (Biology) and History.  Cody likes using the books and doing the assignments and assessments out of the book for those subjects so we are going to stick with that. 
What I have to get out of my head is the notion that we will complete the WHOLE book by summer, which we will not because we didn't start until January.  So I am trying to let go of the perfectionism that sometimes runs rampant in this area specifically and the need to fully complete the book.  That also doesn't mean that we will not be doing some sort of school work over the summer, because we will.  Just not as structured. 
So, it's review week for me and break for Cody. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changing Education Paradigms

This video was instrumental about my decision to pull Cody from school.  Thank you to Tracey from Just Another Mommy BlogJust Another Homeschool Blog for reminding me of this video. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This week we will celebrate! 
We are celebrating 3 whole weeks, consecutive weeks, as in one right after another where Cody DID EVERYTHING!
Not only that, but this past week he rose up.  I am so proud of him.  I had a nice little strep throat, upper respiratory infection, sinus infection and ear infection combo that landed me completely useless for about 4 days.  For two of those days Cody's younger brother was also home on the tail end of his sick (thanks for sharing that one with me sweetheart) and Cody made sure he got breakfast and lunch and didn't run out in the street to play with cars.  Good kid I tell you.  In addition to that, he also did all of his work, unsupervised.  *Big Smile*
So this week we are going to the bowling alley on Thursday.  It's $1 game and $1 shoe rental (yeah, I know how to splurge). 
I'm also going through my treasure trove of free coupons to see if we can get a meal thrown in there too for him. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes, in the moment, I don't see how lucky I am

Sometimes, in the moment, I fail to see how lucky I really am.  It then takes me looking like an ASS for my blessings to be swatted over my head.  This time it was done by my husband.  Actually, most of the time it's done by my husband. 
Really, this DOES have to do with homeschooling!  Give me a minute and I'll get to it.  Granted, this is not a typical weekly update, but I felt compelled to share this.
Last Wednesday we had to vacate our home for like three hours because our real estate agents were having a broker open house.  I decided that we could pack up our stuff and make our way to our local library (which, BTW ROCKS).  But - and this is a BIG BUT - there was utility work being done at the library and the water was shut off.  Not a big deal, unless you have to go to the bathroom that is.  So I decided that we would go out to lunch first, run a few errand and then go to the library.  I was hopeful that we would bypass the time frame for no water (no luck on that one, but that's a different story).
While out to lunch I snapped this photo:
and e-mailed it to my husband with a message that said "DORK!"
Fast forward a few hours and I get a message back from my husband that simply says "Why?".  Now I don't know to what he is referring to.  I talk to him later and he says something to the effect of  "Why is he a dork?  Look at how happy he is to be spending time with you and you are making up for all those times you couldn't have lunch with him when he was little because he was at school or day care and you were working."
Yeah, I know - punch in the gut kind of guilt feeling.  And I am still hanging my head in shame.
It's very true.  I missed most of Cody's childhood because I had to work and I know, I REALLY KNOW that I have been given an awesome opportunity to get to know my kid and spend time with him in a way that was never imaginable before.  I'm loving it, every minute of it.  Even when he looks at me and says "I don't get it" and I want to throw my hands up and scream "What don't you get about _________?" fill in the blank with whatever I have more knowledge about than he does. (I'm still learning too in this process).
It's in the hindsight of the moments that I don't navigate as perfectly as I would like to through that I see what an amazing kid I have.  That I have a relationship with him today that I never, NEVER would have had we not decided to pull him from public school and home school him.  He is wicked smart, funny as hell and is consistently putting a smile on my face just for being him - the real him.  Not some forced to confirm, I don't want to get made fun of or I'll tell her what she wants to hear droid.
So on the day that photo was taken I also posted it to Facebook and said that I was spending time with my favorite 11 year old.  I'm not going to get into should-of, could-of or would-of here.  My husband should have been privy to THAT truth.       

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 9 1/2 ish Update

Yep, I'm late on this.  I know (bowing head in shame).  So, you see what had happened was my work schedule got switched this past weekend and I had to work Saturday night AND Sunday night.  I slept all day Sunday and didn't accomplish much of anything really, well - except for getting dressed to go back to work that is.  So that is my excuse for this late update. 
Here is the update though:
History - Greece and Rome
Science - Biology (Food Web)
Spelling - Some pretty hard words
Grammar - Finishing up from The Hunger Games
Nature Studies - Some funky plant growth going on with his table top garden
Reading - Breaking now to prepare for a Unit Presentation on The Hunger Games.  He is still reading just not an assigned book with comprehension questions.  A much enjoyed break for him.
Math - Algebra (integers and exponents I believe)
Geography - Tie in with History.  He just finished a report on Rome today.
Art - Impressionism
Drawing - Cones
...and I think that is it for now.  I'll have a more specific update this up coming Sunday.  I just wanted to touch base before the week got away from me though. 
You can check out Cody's Nature Study project here - with weekly updates.