Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 8 Update

There was something really, really cool that I wanted to share and because I didn't write it down, when I thought of it, it went POOF right out of my brain and now I cannot recall the awesome homeschooling sage I wanted to pass on. 
Nope, nothing.  Still cannot remember. 
Okay, so this past week my youngest had off Monday and Tuesday which as I have shared in the past, his days off throw a wrench into Cody's homeschooling.  It's so distracting.  Knowing this, I pushed off all the work from Monday and Tuesday into the rest of the week, which really didn't work out too well.  So, my plan is to actually use the district calendar and plan for days off accordingly.  By the way, Pulaski day is the next day off that I have to deal with.  I think that's in like a week, maybe two.  I'll get around to worrying about it tomorrow when I do my planning.
Anyway - Cody and I sat down and talked - AH!  that was what I wanted to share...see it came to me.  Okay, so Cody and I sat down and talked about his History and Science studies.  Is there enough time, is it too much, what should we try to make it more manageable...that sort of thing.  History especially is very time consuming (hee, hee, hee - I'm probably the only one laughing at that).  We cover one chapter per week, with vocabulary, section review questions, a literature tie it reading with questions and then a chapter review - it's a lot to do.  So we agreed to break it down from 2 days per week to 3 days per week and then work from there.  Again, keeping myself as flexible as possible with all of this. 
We started a new science book.  I wasn't liking what we were using prior, I didn't think that there was enough supportive material so I got a Biology book geared for college prep high school kids and we are working our way through that.  I think that's maybe 3 or 4 days a week. 
What I didn't want to do was every subject every day.  We tried that at the beginning and it was draining.  But some subjects, like math, history and science, do need to be broken down into multiple days.  It's unrealistic to cram it all into one day.
So that is where we are at now.  I'm still trying to navigate doing this while going back to work.  Even though it's part time it's a time sucker working overnights.  It'll all work out though and I'm excited and so blessed to have such an accommodating and flexible kid. 
Again, I just want to gush over the relationship that I am forging with my son.  My god!  I am actually learning who he really is.  Very cool!

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