Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 6 Update

I'm loving the new schedule and so is Cody!  It's working out good for now.  I do have to remind myself that I have to stay flexible though.  I know that things can change so nothing is set in stone. 
This is what we have been up to
Literature/Reading - Finished reading The Hunger Games and taking a week off (we will be going on vacation) and then we will continue on our Unit Study discussing the themes of the book and vocabulary.  For reading Cody will be able to read whatever he wants this week for a minimum of 30 minutes each day.
Vocabulary - 20 words per week, understanding demonstrated by writing a story using all the vocab words
Spelling - Ha!  He thought that I was joking about this.  All words missing get transferred to the next week list. And keep moving on until they are spelled correctly.
History - Just finished studying about Buddha and Hinduism. 
Poetry - Did a tie in with History and studied the Bghavda-Gita.  Found a book on it that broke it down to understandable themes.  Cody then had to write his own version of it.
Science - Started a new book.  Biology.  Love this book!
Nature Studies - Taking photos of the snow, making him slow down and be observant of what is around him.  We will be starting a table top garden a 2 weeks.
Art - Monet and Impressionism
Drawing - Mastering 3D shapes
Math - Dave is doing this, I've had Cody watch some DVD's from the library by Standard Deviants.  (Very Good!)
Geography - Finished learning about deserts

This upcoming week will be an off week for us.  We will be going out of town for 3 days and I've significantly cut back on school work for the week because of that.  We are going to an indoor water park in Wisconsin whose theme is the Kalahari region of Africa so I'll be using that as a springboard for History, Science, Geography, and Art.  Cody will be designing his own water park for drawing. 

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