Sunday, December 26, 2010

What About Socialization

How is that even a big concern?  No, I'm serious...out of all the things to be legitimately concerned about - socialization??
Let me tell you what my child will no longer be exposed to by attending school -
"cause she gets nothing from me, she only get dick, way down in her tummy"
 Because apparently it's cool to be gangsta' in 6th grade like Little Wayne.  Who knew?
Very slowly other stuff is coming to light.  Like the time some kid smacked all his books out of his hands in the hallway and he lost his flash drive because of it.  Bullying is not new to us.  It is also not the reason why we are homeschooling him either. 
Now back to socialization.  He is in organized activities such as Boy Scouts, Wrestling and Baseball.  He also has a strong base of friends around our house.  He will be joining Basketball in a few weeks.  I just signed him up for the Teen Center by our house.
I'm pretty sure we can put a check mark next to socialization.

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