Friday, December 17, 2010

I Got This!

I wasn't expecting a call from the principle.  Really - I wasn't.  I just assumed that I would send out the letters necessary to withdraw Cody to the administration center and one to the principle of the school, get my little green delivery confirmation post cards back in the mail and be good to go.
But I got a call yesterday.  Actually, both Dave and I got a call.  But you see, my husband works during the day.  He happens to be a teacher and was busy teaching and do teachery stuff.  So I fielded the call.
There isn't any one reason why we are pulling our son.
I don't know if that is what he was looking for, a specific reason or instance or circumstance, but there isn't one.  It's a culmination of a lot of stuff.
It's not grades (he's currently getting 7 A's and 1 B)
It's not disciple (oh please! his teachers love him)
He's bored, he isn't being challenged, a public school cannot divert off it's conveyor belt production of educating children to accommodate my child.
But we have the ability and means to pull him off that conveyor belt.
And yes, I know it's a big decision.  It was not one that was made in haste.
Oh and by the way, I got this!  And I have the resources and minds of professionals (a legion, really) to tap into to allow my child to flourish and not be stifled.  To love learning and not be bored. 
But thanks for your concern (wink, nod, point).

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